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Doff for Historical & Heritage

Innovative technology with excellent results.

We use the latest Doff Systems for the removal of Paint, Moss, Algae and Biological Build Ups from Sensitive Architecture and Historical Building or Monuments. This system is applied at high pressure but is very sensitive and leaves no damage on sensitive surfaces such as Brickwork or Stonework, it’s ideal for restoration products as sensitive on the surfaces being blasted.


Heritage, Monuments & Brickwork Cleaning


Cleaning Stonework & Stripping Metalwork

Doff Systems for Historical & Heritage Projects

Architecture, stonework, brickwork, monuments cleaned with little to no damage.

Our Doff Systems use High Pressure Steam applied at pressure to the surface, this means this is a very delicate process that leaves no damage. Our Doff Systems are therefore ideal for restoration projects that may be of a historical or sensitive nature. Great for stripping paint form building surfaces or for the removal of Moss, Algae or other biological build ups. If you are worried about damage to the surface, than the Doff system is the system for you. Cleans yet protects the surface being blasted.

We undertake all types of work on Commercial, Public and Industrial Buildings, Individual Properties, Boats, Fences, Large Plant & Machinery, Architecture, Monuments, Radiators and Beams and have a growing database of satisfied clients ranging from small businesses to large Corporations.

Competitive Prices, Fully Qualified & Friendly Service

Based in Berkshire, providing an excellent service ranging from small businesses to large corporations. Environmentally Friendly, leaving NO MESS as it simply washes away with water.

Family Run Business, Nationwide Service

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